May 2nd, 2008

Foob Theater Part Deux

OK, say the word if you guys want me to stop, but I couldn't resist a follow-up today.  The ideas just kept coming.  I really do need a life.  :P Oh, and don't mind the ugly background.  My desk is the only place to get these figures to stand up straight.

The Wedding Announcement:  (click here if you don't get Therese's line)

Target practice:

Calm Candiru

Saturday, 3 May 2008

So, now we're in for an extended series of old strips that show us that John's life sucked too. I wonder if we'll see any of his failed attempt at turning Elly into his assistant. In any event, we're in for something that hasn't aged very well.

Panel 1: We're at John's office and see Jane Randomlady tell her young son Harold to be good for the dentist. He expresses extreme reluctance and refers to her as "Ma". Lynn used to love "Ma" for some reason.

Panel 2: Anyhow, she explains to the the man who's about to shove the sharp, scary instrunents, pointy needles, and horrifying looking-and-sounding drill into the little kid's mouth that she doesn't understand why he's behaving like this even though he flat out says he's scared.

Panel 3: John does his level best to put his mind at ease by explaining what things do because he knows that if Harold knows what to expect, he'll be a damned sight braver. First, he's got to remind himself that a small child will naturally be scared of a large, ugly man looming over him but after he crosses that hurdle, he should be all right.

Panel 4: Too bad Mommy cuts him off at the knees by reminding the kid of the pain that's got him scared in the first place.

Hypothesis: It's not just the clients who made his life Hell. Also, we'll have another week of this crap.