May 1st, 2008

Fun with Crayola's Model Magic...or, my Elly voodoo doll post

OK, no comments about my extreeeemely bad sculpting abilities, my lack of a life or the peculiar colors used in this model.  I had a very limited selection of colors to choose from and also didn't feel like wasting time trying to sculpt a real body for Elly of all people.

Anyway, I wanted a voodoo doll that I could pose in various photographs, and since Lynn's store lacks Patterson action figures (which I wouldn't spend my hard earned cash on anyway), I took matters into my own hands.

So, once in awhile I might post a pic or two if I get an inspiration.  Here's a family photo of our friends the Patterschmucks, at least as I see it (this better work!):


For those of you wondering what happened to April, this photo tells the story...

Friday, May 2

Great, a flashback. I don't know if I remember this one or not, but that doesn't mean it's new. Just means that it WASN'T THAT MEMORABLE. First-year FOOB is like first-season Simpsons. In more ways than one.

Panel 1: I like how, in the early years, John's hair looks like the glop the Pattersons still eat.

Panel 2: Huh. He really didn't like dentistry.

Panel 3: Okay, mildly slice-of-life. John looks a bit like Jon from Garfield.



While I was waiting for the strip to come up, I just had to share this, from the Yahoo group.

KAShaw917 (I think they post here as well) says, Today's strip bugged me, with John telling Elly not to spend too much money (that's what he's saying, right?). Elly's never been portrayed as a shopaholic (if anything, he's very thrifty, and rarely spends money on herself), and John is the one with the expensive hobby, and two midlife crisis impulse car purchases.

Sheri replies, Given his comment and her reaction in the last panel, I see it as a comic strip joke about something unlikely to happen at their age. I think he's joking about being '"careful" careful' as in being careful that they don't wind up with a new baby to raise! Yes, it's very unlikely to happen, but I still think that's what he was getting at to make a humorous strip. (It certainly isn't impossible, people can and do occasionally get pregnant during early menopause, but unlikely.) I don't think it was a reference to her spending at all.

Early menopause, my patootie. Anyway, today she says, As I said, I had submitted that to the FBorFW Coffee Talk site before you posted yesterday. (My first submission.) I had a reply in my mailbox this morning that said they were glad that I got the joke and that they were quite surprised at the number of people who didn't get the joke. Personally, I thought the strip was perfect for that. I didn't expect a wry smile, the words said it all, and in real life that line would have been delivered dedpan. That would just be a much funnier delivery in real life than smiling about it in my opinion.

Now, if she really did get that response, that's frakking ridiculous. Elly IS POST-MENOPAUSAL. Are the Lynnions that bad with continuity, that they don't know about years of hot-flashin' and arm-flappin'? I would ask why they sent her an email instead of answering in Coffee Talk, but then I remembered all the letters they printed today that said, "Tee hee, I got the joke!" So if no one was corrected for saying that, it must really have been what they meant. In which case, the look on Elly's face speaks volumes: she remembers what happened the last time they weren't careful That Way. And would never take that chance again.