April 30th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 1 May 2008

It's day four of what I've come to call the Retirening. So far, John and Elly seem to have convinced themselves that there are no clouds on the horizon in what's clearly Lynn's way of wrapping their story up before the end of the strip. I can think of one, though. It wears its hair in that awful propellor bun and was forced to apologize to Elly thirteen days ago. Let's see if it makes its presence felt, shall we?

Panel 1: Nope. Not until it's too late, I should think. We're at the medical complex he, Deanna and Ted occupy. Speaking of Ted, he asks if it's true that John's finally retiring. John says that he's scaling back to one day a week.

Panel 2: Ted reveals he's still a jerk in Lynn's eyes by saying that when he retires, it'll be to a golf course somewhere, the wuss.

Panel 3: He has no regrets however and wouldn't change a thing. John, on the other hand, would.

Panel 4: He wishes he had more patience, you see. I wish someone would tell Lynn a pun isn't all that funny when it implies that John is headed for financial ruin.

Hypothesis: April will find out about this until August. Elly's standing around wondering why she raised such an ingrate will be what spurs her trip down Memory Lane. We should also prepare for flashbacks on John in the office being a dick.

ETA: Owing to circumstances beyond my control, phone service in my neighborhood will be down until some time tomorrow morning. team_kelpfroth or whoever else wants Day 5 of the Retirening, it's yours.