April 29th, 2008


Lynn's interview with "Caring Today" re. Grandpa Jim

I got this from the FBorFW.com news blog. A new interview with Lynn about the Gramps "stroke" storyline and the dying parents and in-laws whose stories inspired it.

Also she congratulates herself for her Shannon arcs.

One thing I found curious in the interview is that Lynn extols the virtues of her parents and in-laws for their stoic attitude when they were very ill and much pain. She contrasts this attitude with the type of person who complains bitterly over not much, suggesting that this much-over-nothing approach turns people off and causes them to tune out the complainer. Yet isn't THAT the epitome of Elly Patterson?
Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

It's day three of the John's retirement story arc. We've seen him talk to Elly and get the expected-by-everyone-but-him Honeydew list. Let's see what happens to Train Man as he makes the rounds and interacts with the other characters.

Panel 1: We'll have to wait on that. It seems he's going over their financials. It seems that with Mike and Liz being O.K. (despite being sooooooo poor) and with April's RESP not totally gutted, they should live quite nicely on the tribute they exact from the beneficaries of their generosity.

Panel 2: He also notes that with both of them working part time at their old jobs, they can maintain a decent lifestyle as long as they exercise caution.

Panel 3: She points out they've always been careful.

Panel 4: He answers her by saying they have to actually be careful and not just say it. Her reaction is one of sadness because she'll have to abandon her beloved false economies. His similar look of concern means he's mourning his inability to make impulse purchases.

Hypothesis: Their friends will be convinced to pay for the Settlenuptuals out of the goodness of their hearts and not at all because of emotional blackmail. Also, thanks to John's stupidity April's going to take it up the ass again and be made to like it.

ETA: This story arc needs a name. Since it's so much like the Housening because it's John's stupid whim and everyone (especially April) will suffer the consequences, I propose the Retirening.