April 28th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The point of yesterday's strip was that John has a special occasion he wanted to celebrate. Odds are he's finally retiring. Let's see how Elly reacts. Quite well, actually.

Panel 1: We start off by him explaining that he's going to retire.

Panel 2: It seems that starting after the strip ends, he'll only be working Fridays.

Panel 3: For once, Elly is enthuisastic about something. That only happens when a lot of rushing around and busywork is involved. (This is the real reason she's pumped about the Settlepocalypse. She doesn't give a damn what happens after just so long as she can rush around doing things.)

Panel 4: Said busywork involves building a new porch, new washroom and (as we expected) renovating the basement for April.

Panel 5: John's look of defeat means he just realized that he's going to have no time for his trains. Too bad, so bad, you got yourself into it.

Hypothesis: We'll be seeing the reaction of the rest of the cast to this all week. Also, by Canadian Thanksgiving (which is also American Columbus Day), John will be longing for sweet, sweet death.