April 25th, 2008


Foob: The Movie

Last night I went to a small local theater production of "The Secret Garden." One of the characters bore a striking resemblance to Anthony (great actor, great singing voice, just an unfortunate resemblance). I noticed it as soon as he came on stage and forgot until midway through the second act when he had the line, "I have no home." I nearly lost it right there.

But that got me thinking, who would be good actors for a Foob movie? Who could bring these morons to life and, if not make them likeable, at least make them entertaining to watch?
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Saturday, 26 April 2008

As we come to the end of yet another pointless week of filler material that highlights Lynn's plans to turn April into yet another mediocrity condemned to spending her life flapping and honking at an idiot husband and a boy-girl pair of undisciplined whelps, let's take a moment and ask ourselves how Lynn may stall the Settlepocalypse next week. I don't honestly expect to see motion on that until Memorial Day. That being said, let's just see how this strip fails. (Note: Assume April and Gerald's speech is interlarded with hafta and an'.)

Panel 1: Gerald asks April if she thinks he's doing the right thing by touring with morally-neutral Becky's band. She repsonds that now that she's had time to think about the issue, it's a great idea.

Panel 2: Rebecca-with-an-H is, after all, "famous" in food courts all over South-eastern Ontario and he'll get to bask in her reflected "glory".

Panel 3: She then reminds him that he's a good drummer and tells him he must follow the dictates of his heart.

Panel 4: He repsonds to this by kissing her. No tongue, though. Also, no class.

Panel 5: He then tells her this was her idea. Again, no class. April demonstrates she has no brains by smiling and blushing instead of kicking Gerund in the groin.

Hypothesis: We've just seen Chapter One of Settlepocalypse 2018. I'd like to think we'd see the current one Monday but we'll probably see a super-important sequence about Robin shoving things up his nose.

ETA: Of course, I could be wrong. We could well be treated to Mike's take on the Settlepocalypse. I should think if that were so, Lynn would emphasize his tendency to begrudge Liz the least bit of happiness.