April 22nd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Yesterday's strip left us all with an interesting question to ponder: Where does a stuck-up idiot bitch kid who's meekly standing on the conveyor belt waiting to have her degree, asshole husband and snotty brats attached becuase Moomy and Daddy say to get off calling a guy who's making a decision for himself immature? We may disagree with Gerald's decision but he has every right to make it, despite what April "I'm going to University straight out of High School because I'm a GOOD girl, I am!" Patterson may believe. Let's see if she can be somehow be made to get over herself.

Panel 1: We start things off by seeing that Eva, Duncan and April have walked in synchro to the soccer pitch. In a much milder smack-down than usual, Eva turns April's question back on her and asks her what her plans are. Pretty sneaky, kiddo. The reason I'm praising Eva for her cleverness is that April's plans are as coherent as her speech. She starts off with a definite (and long-winded) maybe.

Panel 2: She then pushes a semi-articulate chunk of nonsense about possibly tending to lean towards becoming a veterinarian past her lips.

Panel 3: This is followed by some good-think about giving it her all and being a decider.

Panel 4: Eva's ironic comment about wanting be as sure about things as April is has the desired effect: the Martian frowns because she just got called on her bullshit and knows she deserves this kinder, gentler smackdown.

Hypothesis: She'll be hectored into apologizing before the end of the business week.