April 21st, 2008

Calm Candiru

Monday, 21 April 2008

After last week's all-over-the-map hatefulness, I'm up for some nasty, shortsighted behavior that at least progresses with some sort of logic. Let's hope that Lynn can at least provide that. Also, it should advance the Settlepocalypse instead of using it as an excuse for Elly to mope about her insane good fortune.

Panel 1: Well, I wanted a logical progression. Smack and DownEva and Duncan ask April if she and Gerald had a fight. The reason is that he walked by them without saying anything.

Panel 2: She allows as how maybe she gave him a hard time about his plans to blow off Uni to tour with Becky. That's an understatement, isn't it? It's his life to do with as he pleases and Perfect Pattersons have no say in the matter.

Panel 3: Duncan reminds her that Gerald could be doing the right thing (Translation: Get over yourself, pickyface!) while Eva sets up the punchline by reminding her he could always become a mature student. (Translation: So Brian May is a loser, Martian? Give your head a shake.)

Panel 4: As expected, she harrumphs that he and maturity will always be strangers. She's a fine one to talk, right?

Hypothesis 1: They should not show April at school as it brings out the self-righteous bitch in her. Also, she should find a better class of losers with which to associate because those who do not smack her down make Aypo come out and play.

Hypothesis 2: Since her attitude matches that of Liz's when she was seventeen, we're advancing a Settlepocalypse, just not the one that'll wrap up this August.

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times here that it bothers me the way there have been a huge number of strips featuring Mike working, writing, and generally being involved in the world, and very few strips featuring Dee doing the same, despite the fact that they both work, and are said to have lives outside their children. Other people have mentioned that Dee bears the brunt of childcare/housecleaning duties.

So while at my temp job (where they are totally cool about letting me surf the web), I decided to go back through the Foobian archives to see if our impressions are really true. I went back to October 2002 (when Meredith was born), and ended at the most recent strips. I counted the number of strips that feature either Mike or Dee, and then came up with different categories for each strip—work, domestic (including kids and cleaning, cooking, etc), and "other". Mike’s freelancing, newspaper column, and book counts as work (although his stupid party I considered “other.” I noticed that Mike’s “others” are about half him hanging out with Weed. Most of Dee’s others are one where she’s with the Patterfam).

I counted each strip based on what’s actually going on in the strip. So if Dee has a Patterspawn draped limply in her arms, yet the whole strip is about Dee and Liz discussing Paul, then I counted that as “other,” not “domestic.” 

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