April 18th, 2008

Angry Candiru

Friday, 18 April 2008

In yesterday's strip, Elly hit a new all-time low as she had a hissy-fit about wanting to resign her commission as a mother because April asked testily but politely for sufficient time to put her homework aside before coming downstairs to Pattersnarf. Let's see how far Lynn makes dumb-enough-to-not-play-the-hidden-immunity-idol Elly sink now. longlongwaytogo confirms our expectations that April will be expected to apolgize for her "uncalled-for defiance" but let's just see how loathesome and stupid the strip is.

Panel 1: John asks April to apologize to Elly. Reason: He only knows Flapandhonk's biased version of events and he's too stupid to figure out what happened or ask what really went on. April says she will in a minute.

Panel 2: John insists on her doing so post-haste. To remind her who the parent is, he pulls her chair away from her work station. Douche.

Panel 3: April tells a literally-steaming Elly that she's sorry for yelling at her just now.

Panel 4: She then explains that she's got a heavy work load and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Panel 5: She then states that when she's at University and out from underfoot, life will be easier on everyone.

Panel 6: She is confused by the bear hug Elly gives her in response. I can see why, though: as much as she's vexed by the Martian, Elly can't really picture life without a child to holler at.

Hypothesis: John is as good a father as Elly is a mother. A real man would have asked what really happened instead of blindly attacking those who maketh the provider of his nookie sad. Instead of a real man, we gotta deal with this absurd, useless dickweed.

Prediction 1: Flapandhonk and JSTF will spend tomorrow fretting about a daughter most people would have the sense and decency to proud of.

Prediction 2: One of April's Magical!Friends (Eva: the Magic!African-Canadian, Luis: the Magic!Latino or Shan...non: The!Ma...gic!Diff...er...ent...ly!Ab...led!Per...son) will tell her to be grateful she has parents who treat her like a shitheel.
Koumori and her Laptop

art work

Can anyone donate their Foob artwork? I'm going to make a collage, but I don't want to steal anyone's stuff. I just need permission and a link. Thanks you guys.

Edit: Uh guys, I meant parodies. Your stuff is great and all, but I'm looking for stuff like the Lio strips. I know, shoulda been more specific.
Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 19 April 2008

It's the wrap-up of one of the most pointlessly hateful weeks of the Declining Years that isn't one of the "Pick on Mira for the sake of picking on her" marathons they love to have and I'm sure Lynn will end it with something mawkishly stupid. I'd say team_kelpfroth is right and we'll see Elly whining that when April is gone, she and John will be oooooooooooooooooooooooold.

Panel 1: I guess not. We see an exterior shot of the high school. A featurless blob muses that if it and its companion are busy now, what will University be like. Blob #2 is unsure.

Panel 2: It then reveals itself to be Gerald who tells April (formerly known as 'Blob #1') that he doesn't think he's going to go. April expresses disbelief.

Panel 3: He allows as how a now-evil-again Becky has offered him a summer gig that he can't miss out on. She responds to his statement by pointing out that his marks are good. I'd like to point out that they have one more year of high school so talk of University is kind of pointless because there's no way in Hell that two months playing at gas station openings and charity events is going to T-Bone his education. It seems obvious that Lynn thought it was obvious that the Continental thought that his try-out would lead to a permanent gig.

Panel 4: He then whines about following his dreams, not realizing (because he's stupid) that he's just set up the payoff.

Panel 5: April doesn't want to follow anything, you see. She'd rather lead. I'd rather see her say something that made a lick of sense. Failing that, she could maybe not say it over her shoulder. I hate it when the Foobs do that.

Hypothesis: This is the breakup for now strip. This is also April proving thay she's matured as a Patterson because this is the sort of crap Liz pulls. Good thing we don't have to see her Fauxposal.