April 15th, 2008

The World Is Not Enough...

I figured I'd post today's snark since dreadedcandiru2 may not be able to access a computer.

Anyway, the subject title was the name of a James Bond flick, but apparently it could be the working title of the life story of Elly Patterson.  The woman simply isn't happy no matter what good things come about in her life.  She wanted Liz to find someone and settle down, preferably with Blanthony.  Now that it's happening, she wants a date ASAP.  Unless you're headed to the Justice of the Peace, it's not going to happen that quickly.  How long has it been? A couple of weeks at most?

Today's lesson is to avoid Elly's idiotic behavior and simply enjoy the moment.  Oh, and to avoid plastic surgery by a quack, because you'll wind up looking like Jim in a blonde wig.
Snarky Candiru2

April: the damage estimate....

We didn't exactly need the last two day's exercise in awfulness to be reminded that Elly is a deluded, short-tempered, ill-natured, slow-witted, ungrateful dunderhead whose soul is filled with dangerous levels of both entitlement and martyrdom. Nor do we need help realizing that any sort of minor reverse will be met with barely suppressed rage. It seems clear that the Settlenuptuals will afford Elly many opportunities to develop a life-long hatred of some poor person who has the misfortune of simply getting in her way. I can think of one person in particular who's always in Elly's way: April. Just like last year's Housening, the Kitsch Abomination Wedding of 2008 seems tailor-made to make April's life miserable. My question to you is how miserable do each of you think it will get.