April 12th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 April 2008

As I promised yesterday, here's the detailed breakdown of today's strip. It's a new one and it features April and Elly.

Panel 1: We see April getting off the school bus on a windy, rainy early Spring afternoon getting out her trusty umbrella.

Panel 2: It's tough going because, wouldn't you know it, she has to walk into the wind.

Panel 3: She seems to be making some headway.

Panel 4: Too bad her trusty umbrella just got caught in the wind because she's losing control of it.

Panel 5: As she struggles to regain control...

Panel 6: ..the silly thing turns inside out.

Panel 7: She manages to collapse the damned thing but cannot put the hood of her raincoat up because she can't reach it and carry all her stuff.

Panel 8: But she can put her no-good, piece of junk umbrella in the other bag she's carrying.

Panel 9: A soaked-to-the-skin, angered April heads into the tiny train house looking for some comfort after the worst ten-minute walk she's had for a long while.

Panel 10: It should come as no great surprise then that a flustered Elly asks her if she used an umbrella. As always, her stupid response is based on a lack of awareness both of her surroundings and who exactly April is as a person. April's defeated, gobsmacked expression comes from her dismayed realization that not only does Sheet-Shaver still have her head wedged up her arse, she cannot even explain herself without Turnip-Nose leaping down her throat and defending her right to be an oblivious twit who can't be expected to know things that would be obvious to most five-year-olds. Things like on a rainy, windy day like this the usefulness of umbrellas can be safely compared to that of teats on a bull.