April 10th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, it's happened again. What started out as Elly complaining about not being given help she'd consider adequate has degenerated into another free-form rant about how she was the helpless victim of an unkind world forced to endure inhuman horrors. In other words, we're listening to a tirade delivered by a blame-evading jerk who doesn't realize that her bleating about made-up catastrophes and refusal to take responsibility for her actions make her sound selfish and stupid. Let's see what molehill she makes a mountain of now, shall we?

Panel 1: She doesn't do so today. It's a John and Mike mess-up. We see John in the shower stall silently cursing.

Panel 2: He leans out of the bathroom door and bellows "Who took the [expletive deleted] soap?"

[Note: It's entirely possible that there actually is lots of soap in the bathroom. The problem is that the obsessive-compulsive dipshit wouldn't use it because 'sink' soap cannot be used in the shower.]

Panel 3: This causes Mike, who was passing by, to freeze for a second.

Panel 4: He then tells a frustrated John that he, who avoids soap, is the last person to ask.

Hypothesis 1: Lynn is just selecting strips at random to "prove" that family life sucks but we have to endure it to demonstrate our worth as people. A bad person like Therese may cut and run and escape to sanity but a good person like Elly must burn away everything that made her worth knowing to enter into the charmed circle of people Lynn approves of.

Hypothesis 2: She's making us nostalgic for the Settlepocalypse.