April 9th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This current series of flashbacks seems to have the unifying theme that being a housewife was a bad thing primarily because nobody appreciated the sacrifices Elly put in, remind them of that though she might. I can say that with confidence because watching her say that was the premise of the first few years of the strip. That being said, let's see who's being a jerkwad today.

Panel 1: The answer is Elly herself. We see her and John in bed after a long day of mutual stupidity. She states that now that she's over thirty, she's decided to be objective about her looks. Yeah. I know. I can't stop laughing either.

Panel 2: She asks him the loaded question of how he would rate her looks.

Panel 3: She aggressively prompts him for the wrong answer to her question.

Panel 4: Realizing that there is no right answer, our boy says that if she thinks she can trap him that way, she's got another think coming.

Hypothesis 1: As big a jerk as John was, Elly had her moments of cloddishness too. Her path to failure was and is the manufacture of artificial crises.

Hypothesis 2: When Elly rants about the sacrifices she made, she's really talking about she grew old and fat because she was a housewife. Anyone who says she lost her looks because of her toxic attitude, piss-poor diet and refusal to exercise is not being fair.

ETA: In my local paper, they accidentally ran this Saturday's strip. It's filled with anvilly goodness.