April 7th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, April 7, 2008

After Saturday's look at how Mike learned to be a disrepectful jerk and the competing Sunday strips, I'm prepared for just about anything. Let's hope it's a different divisive thing, at least.

Panel 1: We find ourselves still in the past. We see Elly with her hair in a bun vacuuming the floor. The fact that the words "vacuum, vacuum, dust, wipe" unnecessarily litter the panel mean that lousy sound effects and the need to hammer home the obvious have always been a part of the strip.

Panel 2: More unnecessary words indicate that she's chopping and mixing food. There isn't enough room to show the word "read" over John who is in the background, though. Perhaps it's buried in the paper he's reading.

Panel 3: Speaking of John and his paper, an article caught his gadget-obsessed eyes. It appears that engineers have invented a robot that can perform most domestic chores.

Panel 4: She smilingly states that they've had one at their house for the seven years they've been married. The point of this seems to indicate that she believes he thinks of her as a machine with sex organs. No one can say she ain't got Joe Tooth pegged!