March 26th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It could be that Liz is going to make the rounds with her 'wonderful' news. That means we could see her ugly brother or Grandpa Jake or Jasper or Joe (his name starts with the letter 'J', right?) today.

Panel 1: Strangely enough, we see her talking to April, who asks for and gets permission to be a bridesmaid when the time comes. "When the time comes", of course, is whenever Elly can book the church.

Panel 2: April them goes on to state how great it is that in some distant future she, too, can have a Fauxposal.

Panel 3: And that there's some guy named Gerald who doesn't know that he's going to be manipulated into marrying her.

Panel 4: Liz's response, "Ignorance is bliss", is easily as hateful as her inviting Shawna-Marie and Dawn because she wants revenge on them because their lives aren't effed up. It also sets the pattern for April being the Butt Monkey of the Settlepocalypse. We already knew she would be, it's just the the reminder was more dickish than we could have conceived of.
Snarky Candiru2

The defining moment of awfulness.

I've always wondered when most of you lost sympathy for the characters. As the years went on, most of them have had a moment when their credibility, which Lynn had so carefully buily up over the years, had been squandered. I'll give you my idea of the turning-points.

Elly: When she reprimanded April for accusing Kortney of threatening her. We knew that April was right but Elly was far too busy soaking up insincere flattery to care.

Anthony: He was simply an annoying weakling until he said he had no hoooooome. After that, it became impossible to root for him.

Liz: Her decline was more gradual but was set in motion the second she whined about the unfairness of having to not interefere in Anthony's life.

Deanna: When, given the opportunity to have an afternoon of shopping by herself, she fled from the horror of having to be a mother.

Mike: When he chose a laptop over his family.

John: When he thought-bubbled "What about my trains?" because he thought his silly hobby was more important than his family.