March 22nd, 2008

Lady Candiru 2

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's see how Lynn wraps up Week 2 of the Settlepocalypse. Will Liz finally tell Elly and John? Will they be so happy, they do the Dance of Joy?

Panel 1: I guess not. We find ourselves at the jewelers the next day as the two of them go ring shopping. Liz exposits on the alleged weirdness of shopping for a ring on her lunch break as Anthony states that ring shopping is always a hoot, this being his second bite of the apple and all.

Panel 2: She finds it hard to decide which one she likes best when Anthony passively-aggressively forces the issue. She should get used to this because she is marrying a man like her father.

Panel 3: His choice has matching bands for the man and woman. Since they're starting to blend together physically, this is an appropriate choice.

Panel 4: They marvel at the beauty of his selection.

Panel 5: He states that their permanence is symbol of their permanence. The Kool-Aid Quaffers will gush about how great this is. I remember something they don't: Therese had the same hopes (and promises) of permanence only to have them cruelly dashed by suburban vermin who treated her like a pariah for the unforgivable crime of expecting "Forsaking all others" to apply to Liz Patterson, not to mention fixing her hopes on a lying rat who couldn't get over his sick fantasy of rescuing said idiot bitch.
Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Vintage Foob highlighting the fact that they're a family of Christmas-Easter churchgoers.
We see the Pattersons attending Easter servies and listening to the sermon. After things wrap up, five-year-old Mike asks if church is open every Sunday. Upon being told that it is, he asks why they don't attend church every week. Elly's repsonse is to be gobsmacked. My response is to state that his family isn't especially religious and only attend Christmas and Easter services because they believe it's a social requirement. They also insist on having a minister of some sort officiate at weddings and funerals so this means no civil service for Lizthony.