March 19th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panel 1: Anthony comes in and asks how the tea party is going. His more mature daughter, Françoise, tells him that they've made cookies and that they can have some. The less mature Elizabeth remains silent.

Panel 2: He posits the pretend cookies are chocolate chip. She says Uh-huh and tells him she's pretending it's a real kitchen.

Panel 3: She then goes on to point out the other fifties sitcom stuff they can pretend to do. You will note he is far more interested in what she has to say than anything the larger, stupider child has ever said.

Panel 4: He then thanks her for the tour of her house.

Panel 5: This makes her ask him if they can all pretend like they're a real family. If I were there, I wouldn't have the heart to tell her that's what they'll be doing for the next four or five decades.

Hypothesis: The reason Francie says that she's pretending to do something when we all know she'd say she's actually doing it is that Lynn cannot think like a three-year-old. Wrapped up as she is in her cocoon of Fooby groupthink, she allows herself to believe that everyone would think, act and speak as she would.

Monthly letters


I apologize for double posting, but I posted this earlier at the end of  the 5 page long proposal strip, so I think it got overlooked. I'm out of the country right now, with irregular internet access, and won't be in until early April (unlike John and Elly, I ain't vacationing at a resort that I never ever leave). I usually write Liz's monthly letter, but won't be able to this month (which sucks 'cause there's finally stuff to write about; it's been a Liz-centric month!).

So's someone else needs to pick up the slack! Any takers?