March 15th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's the end of the first week of the Settlepocalypse. Let's see who's next to be equivocated to. Answer: nobody.

Panel 1: Françoise askes to talk to her Daddy alone without the Silly Sandwich Lady hanging arround. He says "Okay."

Panel 2: She asks what will really happen when he marries Elizabeth. His response is that she'll have two people to love her. Loving each other, on the other hand, not so much. They're sort of doing this to give her a hooooome.

Panel 3: Does she have to call her "Mom". He says that she can call her by her name. What Liz has to say about that is something we'll have to see later on.

Panel 4: Her next question: does she still get to keep her real mom? He says that's usually how things work and she'll try her best to show up but he's not making any promises. Again, let's see what Liz says when the time comes.

Panel 5: He reassures his child that life will go on much as before, only the Silly Sandwich Lady will be sleeping in his room next September. He's said all the right things and comforted her for now. I just wish that he hadn't set himself up to fail by not consulting Liz about the issues raised in Panel 3 and 4. Liz is sure to insist on being called Mom and Therese's presence is sure to be unwelcome. Let's see if he's man enough to stand by his word to his kid.
Disgusted Candiru

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's strip is from 1980 and features the toxic family dynamics of the Patterson family.

(Strip Number 7070, Original Publication Date, 6 July 1980)

Panel 1: We start off with Trash-Bag Johnny glowering at his toolbox because he confuses not having the tool he needs right that second with the Apocalypse.

Panel 2: The anal dipshit touches off the conflict by hollering at Elly for not putting the tools back in the exact order he prefers.

Panel 3: Peeved at being bellowed at for no better reason that "John is an impatient fucktard", Elly slumps around like a zombie looking for something to do to someone to make up for getting yelled at by a noxious twat.

Panel 4: The someone she finds is Michael, who is the unfortunate recipient of a threat to have his toys taken away if he doesn't put them away this second.

Panel 5: Since Mike was having a nice, quiet time to himself, he cannot process the sudden attack on his person.

Panel 6: Mike yanks "HIS" funny book away from Lizzie in order to cope with being yelled at out of the blue.

Panel 7: Lizzie stares at us as if to ask what is happening.

Panel 8: She then grabs a smiling ragdoll from a near-by shelf.

Panel 9: Lynn is trying to send some sort of message when, having been flung on the floor by an angry one year old, the doll is now grimacing in pain.

Summary: Back when I first saw this, I failed to see the doll's reaction. All I saw was the cycle of abuse being perpetuated by unapologetic dolts. I still do but now I see her saying "nothing can be done about things" and "kids are resilient" and the John of 2008 admitting to no connection to his being a screaming twit and why his kids are so damned distant.