March 7th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's the fifth day of the assasination of Warren Blackwood. Liz responds to yesterday's example of his clueless inabilty to understand what she meant by reminding him what hotels are for and that he should avail himself of their services. While commenting that he can pay for things himself, he continues to be a jerk by answering the phone. Who's at the other end? Anthony, who wants to know who he's talking to. Liz, in turn, asks who's on the phone to be told that it's the other man in her life. Apparently, Idiot Boy doesn't realize that Anthony isn't his rival as much as he's his replacement. Let's see how she explains Warren away. Will she tell Awfulny the pizza guy has no manners?

ETA: Tune in tomorrow for litazia's take on the end of the week that was.
I'll see you on the Sunday morning post.

Anyone notice Fiona's new bio on the website?

Actually it's...kind of interesting. If you remember, Fiona was the relative from hell who came to "help" after April was born and basically ended up freeloading. (Her storyline also touched off that dumb "Three's Company" misunderstanding where the town thought John was cheating.)

Well, the interesting part is that she was brought up in a very rough-and-tumble background, and that the one thing she learned from her ne'er-do-well father was that the strong were meant to take advantage of the weak, that the have-nots were justified in cheating the haves.

It goes into her POV during the time she stayed with the Pattersons...and it actually presents the point of view that we all agreed on, that the Pattersons were nice to the point of doormattitude and that this wasn't necessarily a good thing. It's kind of refreshing to have that point of view's been a long time. And the bio actually acknowledges (through Fiona's POV) that Mike and Liz are too pampered and sheltered by their parents.

(But you know how we joked about the Pattersons sometimes looking like Muppets? Fiona REALLY looks like a Muppet. The kind we usually saw during the "At The Dance" segments.)