March 6th, 2008

Lady Candiru 2

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Day 4 of "Warren's Last Chance". Will our straw-man antagonist do the wrong thing and defend himself against Elizabeth's witless, ill-informed rage or meekly accept it? Worse: he ignores it. In today's strip, she backs down and admits that she's sorry about his job and that he could maybe teach at the local college. He kicks himself for not having a back-up plan and mentions how his roomy has company and that he wants to crash at her place. In response to her suggestion that he can't because she's seeing someone, the presumptuous choad allows as she's seeing him. I never thought I'd say this but cue the purple nurple. By turning Warren into Phantom Limb, Lynn has just made Awfulny the better choice.

Even Sparky's kids don't like Lynn...

I have been reading the Michaelis biography of Charles Schulz, and while it was interesting I found it to be pretty flawed. Anyway, I was following up with some further reading on the book and this is what Charles Schulz's son Monte had to say about about the book and Lynn:

"He did interview Cathy Guisewite, but then called back to ask her, if you can believe it, whether or not my dad “came on to her.” Is he joking? Cathy knew Dad for more than twenty years, and except for one or two lines, David left her out of the book in favor of Lynn Johnston who provided much more provocative information, much of which (particularly in the first draft) is silly and self-serving."

Heh. I wonder what nonsense Lynn told Michaelis that was in the first draft.