March 5th, 2008

Angry Candiru

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Day 3 of Warren's Last Chance. When we left off, having showed up unexpectedly, Blackwood told Liz that he'd chucked his career as a pilot so the two of them could have a HOOOOOOOOOOME. Is Liz going to tell him to get lost or will she drag things out because she's a Patterson and loves to make trouble for herself? The answer is the former but not for the right reason. She subjects him to a long, selfish rant that suggested that he didn't love her in the first place because he wasn't available when she needed him. Does it occur to the hateful egomaniac that he can't drop things whenever she yells? Of course not! It's the nature of a Patterson to not sacrifice, to expect that others must give and give and give while they put nothing on the table in return. It is the nature of Liz to be thoughtlessly cruel and never, ever admit that she might be in the wrong.
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Elly's Letter: March 2008

Submitted for your approval:

I'd never thought to be doing this again, writing to you but it seems that since everyone else is doing it, I might as well tell you what's going on. Last February was a typical month in my life in that I spent it worrying about my adult children. And as always, the bigger worry was how Michael was getting along. He's hiding it well but it seems that his life isn't quite what he'd hoped it would be when he was a published author. Just a couple of weeks ago, he told me how he'd had to put his children in separate bedrooms to give them their own space because their constant bickering irritated him. He went on to say that he'd made some sort of flippant, insincere remark to Deanna about Elizabeth had supposedly deserved to be teased because she was cuter because he thought she'd reject the 'real' reason. After he mused out loud about writing the book about April, Farley and the Ravine and how dumb a person would have to be to not lock a gate, it became obvious what that reason was: deep down, he thinks I wanted them to fight so I could have something to complain about because I'm stupid. Over the years, everyone in the neighborhood has made snide remarks about how I love to make trouble for myself so it's no surprise that he too confuses not knowing what to do with a deliberate attempt to make things worse. When you consider that I go out of way to to tell people I had no idea what I was doing at first, that seems to be a bit unfair. Speaking of going out of the way to misunderstand, I made the mistake of mentioning Warren to Liz the other day. Even though I don't think they really have a connection, she was just as angry with him as if they did. It seems that the man had taught her to wonder about his long absences: where he was, what he was doing, who he was doing it with, that sort of thing. It's a good thing that things with Anthony seem to going on their own slow way. That way, if he should pop in unannounced again, she can simply tell him she's spoken for and that will be that. She's had to deal with enough drama for a while. It seems odd but I'm less worried about April than her older siblings. The only thing that I have to worry about there is that she keeps her grade average up. It would be nice to have a child on the honor roll after putting two less-than-serious students through school. It would also be nice if Deanna would stop thinking that there'd be someone who'd wear my mother's wedding dress in the immediate future. Even if Liz and Anthony do get married soon, it's obvious that they wouldn't have a very big ceremony. It's disappointing but it's what she wants. Well, I'd like to spend more time but someone just can't learn to do the dishes in a sanitary matter. Hope to talk to you again soon:


Foobonics thread

Hi there! I've been an avid lurker (and very occasional poster) here for about a year :)

It occurred to me that it would be fun and useful for reference to have a thread for all the slang and acronyms we snarkers use. I've been around for about a year, and still haven't worked out some things, and I figured that I'm probably not alone.

(Mods and regulars: if this type of thread isn't okay, please tell me, and I'll delete it.)