March 4th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here we go with Day 2 of Warren's Last Chance. We start of with Liz inviting him in for the predicted cup of coffee without which Pattersons cannot discuss things to find out his intentions. It seems that our boy quit his piloting job, which he loved, because he got sick of feeling like a nomad. Much like Anthony, he wants a hoooooooooooome. A hoooooooome with Liz, to drive home their similarity. This leaves Liz with the decision of which clingy, manipulative emoter to marry.

More proof that Lynn knew SPARKY!!!!

Hey, folks, did you know that Lynn was friends with Charles "Sparky" Schulz? Yes, in fact she was such good friends with him that she got to call him "Sparky," and not "Charles," "Charlie," "Chuck," "Blockhead," or "Mr. Schulz." In order to offer further proof of this association, Lynn has had her staff provide a PHOTO of Lynn with SPARKY and Cathy Guisewite. And note that Lynn, of course, feels the need to mug for the camera. And do bunny ears.