February 29th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, February 29, 2008

In today's strip, Candace points out that she and Rudy just click. This reminds our boy of something else that clicks: the Transformers!! He explains to Liz what that is, Candace gets mildly amused at being likened to a robot the size of a small building and repeats his "goofy monster" phrase back at him. Making a show of mistaking her good-natured ribbing for actually being offened, he tries to shove his other foot in his mouth. Liz looks on and gets a chuckle out of the display as she's never seen what people who actually do take things slow look like. I reiterate and rephrase: she thinks this is a show put on for her benefit instead of how normal people behave.

What flips me is that 'Cathy' did a joke about the Transformers back in the eighties when they first came out. I don't think Lynn heard of them till last year.

ETA: I begin to wonder if I'm off-base in my premise here. If you read this right, it almost looks as if Lynn is trying to show us that Randace's non-traditional relationship is about to lose its spark, so to speak. As howtheduck mentioned on his blog, they've gone from 'carefree' to 'bickering old married couple' since we've seen them last. This tells me that Lynn is showing us that cohabitation doesn't work, that Liz will be set for life once she ties the knot his August.
Koumori and her Laptop

March 1st, 2008

I hope Candiru doesn't mind me making a place holder for tonight. I want to do the strip for Saturday if that's ok. I'll come back and edit when the strip's up.


Panel one: That's a sweet picture of Randace. I think I'll blow it up and put it on the blog. And Liz is politely booting them out by using work as an excuse.

Panel two: I'd recognize that hat and coat anywhere; it's the same set Candace wore in Uni when she and Lizardbreath were roomies. And I'm confused on the setting. I thought Liz was renting a basement. Now it appears she has a garage. Her apartment seems too nice for a basement; I thought it was Randace's apartment a few days ago until I noticed Shiimsa.

Panel three: You don't have time for visitors? Then why the hell did you invite them over, GV? Because it's not Candace and Rudy's style to drop by unannounced; Candace even says so back in one of the Uni strips. Meanwhile, Shiimsa prepares for the attack.

Panel four: At least she's not screaming at the cat. And consider yourself lucky, Liz. I have a ten month kitten here who climbs on me like that and tries to nurse. Not fun. And when I push him off, he just jumps back up.

Edit: Forgot to mention: Candace's hair has gone back to it's natural red. She's had it black since it grew out and since I usually wait and read the site's b/w version, I hadn't noticed the change.