February 25th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, February 25, 2008

Today's obvious lead-in to a series of flashbacksstrip starts off with Mike asking Deanna why she's in the crawl space to which she responds that she found a bunch of boxes containing baby clothes and Christmas cards. Apparently, when John and Elly were clearing out the house for their yard-sale, they weren't all that thorough or else they'd have noticed that top of the pile peeking out from behind a rock. (The builder wasn't that thorough either or he'd have removed it when he built the Pattermanse.) Mike wonders why people gather so much junk they never use. Deanna responds that it's theirs, which means that she's morphing into Elly, who'll keep any damned thing because she's too squeamish to throw stuff out.

P.S.: Why does whoever drawing this not realize that Deanna's ugly hair-do is why people object to her apperance?

P.P.S.: Why did Deanna think that Elly would have checked the crawl space?

Okay. This is how Lynn once handled an ex-girlfriend situation.

By my reckoning, this was in the summer of 1985. Elly and John had an outdoor party. Phil was living with Georgia, though they were not yet married, and Connie was involved with Ted. Phil, Georgia, and Connie were at the party; Ted was not.

Georgia: It's a nice party, El...Um...Who is the redhead talking to Phil?

Elly: Oh, just an old chum -- a mutual friend of ours.

John: Yeah. I bet he's still CRAZY about her!!


Elly: John, I didn't know that Connie would be here without Ted! How was I to know they'd just broken up again? Anyway...Phil and Georgia are too well established to let anyone come between them.

Panel: Phil and Connie talking while Georgia stands off to the side looking uncomfortable.


Phil: Remember that time in Montreal? It was incredible! We --Oh, uh, Connie, I'd like you to meet Georgia...Georgia, this is, uh, Connie!

Silent penultimate panel as Georgia and Connie look each other over. Neutral and identical stances.

Georgia: (shaking hands) Nice to meet you -- I've heard so little about you!


John: What's with Phil?

Elly: He introduced Connie to Georgia.

John: So the old girlfriend and the new one are facing off, are they?...What's happening, Phil? Are they fighting over you?!

Phil: It's worse than that -- they're comparing notes!


Mike: Is the party over yet?

Lawrence: No, there's some people left. My mom's still talking to your uncle Phil's girlfriend.

Connie: Yes, Phil and I had a casual fling. I'm sure he hardly remembers.

Phil: (drunk and sprawled on the grass) My old fla-a-ame... (Farley howls along.)


Connie: I know what you're going to say, Elly -- and I have no intention of messing up things between Phil and Georgia. Heaven knows, I've got enough on my plate!...Want a pickle?


In the car driving home

Phil: You weren't jealous of Connie, were you, Geo?

Georgia: Of course not.

Phil: I mean, it didn't bother you that I spent some time with her this evening, did it?

Georgia: Not at all.

Phil: You weren't worried about me going out with...

Georgia: Honey, I trust you!

Phil: Look, Georgia -- if it bothers you, let's TALK about it!


Georgia: Phil, I don't own you...If you want to talk to someone, that's your right! Besides, Connie meant a lot to you -- you had to spend some time with her.

Phil: You're so understanding, Georgia. You're so wonderfully understanding!

Georgia: (thinking) This time.


So what do we have here? We get to see the ex and the current SO interacting. We have the guy wanting to talk about it. We have the ex saying she doesn't want to break up the couple, but proving it (in the strips I left out) by talking about her own relationship. The current SO gets to speak for herself. And we also have John being an ass, but I can live with that. And best of all, this never came up again.