February 21st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In case Yahoo hasn't updated yet, you can see today's awful offering here.

To continue a tradition, I'll start off by listing some of the things that bother cookie_77 and add some that bug me:

Use of phrase 'bump bed' by a child old enough to know better: 1
Robin slipping a grammatical clutch: 1
Deanna looking gobsmacked: 1
"An'" :1

In today's strip, Meredith askes Deanna if she can tell one of her friends from kindergerten about her spiffy new loft bed and about how said friend can sleep over. In both cases the answer is yes. This descends quickly into pestering about when said friend (Karina) can come, if she can have more than one guest and Robin asking if he can butt in and have a sleepover too. The alleged joke at the end is based on the idea that Meredith thinks Deanna's "Let's just think about it" means "Yes, she can come as soon as possible" instead of "Not now, damnit". Meredith doesn't realize this, of course, and calls her pal up and gives her the invite. Deanna doesn't realize that a child doesn't know when she's been blown off and looks gobsmacked. I realize that people will post on Coffee Talk about how cute this is and feel ill.