February 18th, 2008

Well, this is it.

I have opened up this blog to all comers, same as Comics Casserole/Calvinsdad. I just don't have time for this any more. I'm not going to do the guest blogger thing again, because it seemed that a lot of people had a hard time fitting it into their schedule. So anyone can open a thread, at any time, on any subject. I know I haven't been consistent, but then neither has Lynn. And I don't want to be one of those people who just strolls away, never to return, from a site that people have come to depend on.

So what the flip is it with bunk beds? Now Merrie has to have a bunk bed? Why is he talking about Robin staying in her room when the whole POINT of this is so they can have separate rooms? And what frakking guests? I thought they HAD a guest room! And no, it's not an Escher bed; the lower bunk is perpendicular to the upper. And the "bump beds" gag has been done before. That's what April, aged 7 or so, said Becky had at her house. Except she didn't demonstrate. And OMG, it's DEE who gets the knock on the noggin. As if her life doesn't suck badly enough.

And that's it for me. Of course I reserve the right to open a thread, the same as anyone else, but it'll be just that: the SAME, not the ONLY right. And I've unscreened anon comments. I wish someone, or several someones, who have been posting interesting anon comments would just sign up already, but it's their decision.