February 17th, 2008

Monday, February 18

Here's the Metro link: http://www.hellometro.com/FunAndGames/ForBetterOrForWorse.cfm?Archives=0

Panel 1: Yay! New strip! Boo! More Brattersons and Clueless Mike!

And as we've discussed before, Robin should have been, and according to the letters, was, in his own room already.

Panel 2: Oh great. More reasons for Merrie to lord it over Robin. Anyway, why do they have to buy a new bed? Why not ask Granthony for that unnecessary top bunk, so Francie can sleep safely?

Panel 3: OMG! Robin is one of the Yip-Yip aliens from Sesame Street!

Panel 4: Actually, Robin pulling Merrie's hat over her eyes is kind of funny. And Mike, I hope you're prepared to wait until hell freezes over.

Panel 5: Oh, ha ha. And poor Mike is exasperated. Well, suck it, Delicate Genius.