February 11th, 2008

Tuesday, February 12

I think yesterday's thread had enough replies to justify a new thread for today's strip.

Don't know why this is in color. But I know it's an old strip because I've been going through the collections, seeing how many Mike-torments-Lizzie strips Lynn has left to throw at us. There were a few others, but of course she completely departs from the lead-in to give us another of those truisms: kids complain of boredom even when they have a million toys. You know, to be fair, sometimes kids outgrow their toys. And of course, Mike wants dirt. Like Mark Twain said, a boy is a loud noise with dirt on it. And Elly should get Mike into some kind of exercise program. He has more of a gut than Jeremy's dad in Zits.

Wednesday: I forgot to update at the appropriate time. Doesn't seem like it matters, though. Just another random, unrelated-to-anything oldie. Who killed that doll, though?