February 6th, 2008

Thursday, February 7

Panel 1: Well, he's finally doing what we've been saying he should do. With his womanly hips. And I guess the joke is going to be that now that they don't want to be separated. Long ago, Elly made the point that warring sides (Mike and Liz) get along better when they have a common enemy. Today, I'm sure whatever point is being made will be made far more clumsily. And why does he say "evening"? I thought dinner wasn't even started yet.

Panel 2: Oh great. Butterscotch is probably already trying to electocute herself. Himself?

Panel 3: So it's nighttime? Where's Deanna? HAS SHE LEFT FOR GOOD? Is this how Lynn is going to work through her issues with Rod? No...wait. If Mike and Dee were going to get divorced, we would have heard about it. And heard about it. And also heard about it. And nice bowling ball butt on Robin.

Panel 4: You should have stuck to separate rooms, Mike. They'll bitch about whatever you tell them to do, but at least keep it consistent.

Panel 5: Oh, poor baby. Crimeny, this is not even a punchline.