February 4th, 2008

Tuesday, February 5

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: In this situation, Deanna would look gobsmacked, as if she can't believe her children would squabble without a 24-karat reason. Mike looks frustrated, for much the same reason. And of course he's holding a newspaper, in the manner of a '50s Dad.

Panel 2: That is NOT going to work! He didn't tell either of them to leave the other alone while they're playing. He thinks 20 minutes is enough for one session (how did he come up with that number?). And WTF is he doing with his right hand?

Panel 3: Oh, old trick! Perhaps Crown Prince Poopie Pants is not so dumb after all!

Panel 4: Jesus, he really thinks they'll just quietly do their thing while he reads the Toronto Star. And for a second, I thought the guy in the photo was giving the finger. Then I realized there was a reverse-silhouette (or outline) person behind him.

Panel 5: Oh, I thought Robin was just yelling "Stop it!" to get Merrie in trouble, when she wasn't actually doing anything. It's just a lame twist on an old unreasonable-kid gag: instead of "She's LOOKING at me!" he complains of her "seeing." Which is not even a malapropism. Or a pun.