January 31st, 2008

Koumori and her Laptop

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Well, since Cookie's out of town, I guess I can post for her:

Panel one: Elly is sewing by hand. Why? I don't know. We know she has a perfectly good sewing machine (Of course, we also know it makes her mad enough to emotionally scar her child for life.). Meanwhile, Lil' Liz and Mike are communicating in that secret baby dialect that only tots use. Ever seen 'Baby Geniuses?' If you haven't, don't.

Panel two: Amid the "Blaaas", "Pffts", and "Goos" Elly picks up the phone; it's Neighbor Friend, Annie, who was a regular member of the cast until around the time April started school, and then as her services as babysitter were no longer required, she mostly vanished.

Panel three: No Stupid, it's an armadillo. Who'd you think was calling?