January 25th, 2008

Saturday, January 26th

"Quotes": Two.

Panel 1: Who predicted the chatty, expository ride home -- I think it was dreadedcandiru? Kudos to you! Kudos!

Anyway, we have a fact that April saw, and two instances of Iris's supposition. Really, I could understand the exposition if we hadn't just heard Iris SAY all this. Meanwhile, the way John is looking at April creeps me out. And is she wearing a compromise between the heavily padded junior frump jacket Elly wanted to buy for her, and the furry pink bolero?

Panel 2: I just know we're in for April saying, "It upsets me to see Jim like this," and John looking straight ahead and saying, "Well, that's the way it is. Verbal reversal, sticky-outy tongue."

Or perhaps not. Perhaps John is going to get all insulted that his teenage daughter thinks he's old.

Panel 3: Yeah, that sounds a bit before John's time.

Panel 4: Well, Elvis did not LIVE to be old. And of course John gets all defensive, saying that "fifty years ago" and "old" are two different things.

Panel 5: Well, in your case, certainly. ALL your relatives are old.

And that's it for Jim for a while. Because he's as good as dead.

Sunday, January 27

"An'"s: Two.

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Merrie says "cool," which I find surprising; she seems more like a Precious Moments kid. Her face is exactly the same as April's at that age. Why does John look gobsmacked?

Panel 2: Heh, funny. Like the TTH turned out to be!

Panel 3: That house is really creeping me out, and I don't know why.

Panel 4: It's nice that Merrie is saying "please," but she sounds like a mini-adult telling a contractor what she wants.

Panel 5: I'm not sure there's anything he can do about that. Can't go down to Home Depot and get drawer-pulls for a dollhouse dresser.

Panel 6: Uh, I have never owned or seen a dollhouse that deteriorated the exact same way a real house does. The big flaw in my dollhouse was that the upper floor sagged, because it had nothing supporting it. Did those shingles fall off in a high wind? Also, Merrie suddenly says "an'".

Panel 7: Top? You mean like a mantlepiece? Anyway, it's cool that John did something for someone ELSE in that workshop.

Panel 8: And he hit his saturation point. Whatever.