January 24th, 2008

Friday, January 25

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Yes, it would be nice if someone, and that includes April, would stay to visit with Iris after Jim zonks out. Still, I can see why April wouldn't want to keep John waiting, the way he grumbled about driving her home after the telethon. That said, why isn't April driving herself? She's pushing seventeen now. She could borrow Elly the Retired Person's car. But you just know they don't trust her behind the wheel.

Panel 2: See, that's all we need. At least mention that Elly visits once in a while. Not that Iris or Jim probably needs the greasy casserole.

Panel 3: Hm, wonder if there's enough to eat around that place. I have a great-uncle who became malnourished because he was too proud to tell his kids that he had too much month left at the end of his money. (This was finally discovered when one of them visited and saw his kitchen.)

Panel 4: Great, another airball. First, she doesn't say aloud the one punchline that would be heartening, and second, it doesn't work as a pun. Iris is hungry; the Pattersons fill her up...with food? Where's the humor? If it's meant to be filling her up with love and good cheer, then there should be some indicator of that. As it is, it sounds disturbingly as if Elly's cholesterol platter really IS the one full meal Iris and Jim will get that week. I know that's not what's meant, but it falls flat. Just can't read lightheartedness into Iris's choice of the word "STARVING!!"