January 17th, 2008

Friday, January 18

Panel 1: Jeez, does this have to be so graphic? And I know I'm opening up a can of worms here, but paychecks? It's not satisfying unless you get paid? Perhaps she's saying she wants acknowledgement, something tangible to mark her progress? But the thing is, isn't parenting satisfying in and of itself? Nannies get paid because it's not their kid; they're providing a service for someone who can't or won't do it themselves. So they get compensation. But when you are the parent, you provide for the kid. I'm not sure anyone is supposed to provide for you.

Panel 2: Elly poses for a Virginia Slims ad, conversing with a gingerbread woman. Christopher (IIRC) is drooling and Lizzie's bottle is leaking. Yes, Elly, housework is unending. That's because people live in your house. Try prodding your husband to help out. Perhaps lower your standards a bit as well. But most importantly, stop waiting for the housework to stay done. Because that won't be possible for a long time. And by the time it does slow down, you'll have a firmly entrenched pattern of creating more work (sheet shaving) and railing at the injustice of it all (vacuuming, pets).

Panel 3: Sensible advice which Elly will find deeply insulting. And is this the first time Annie was ever drawn? This is not how I remember her looking, ever.

Panel 4: Well, isn't that sweet. Too bad we only see Elly take this attitude to be contrary.