January 14th, 2008

Tuesday, January 15

Panel 1: Please, oh please, let this be the last strip on this subject. It might not be, though, depending on how Elly reacts; she may need another strip tomorrow to confirm or refute what Connie says. The thing is, I don't know what to expect from Connie any more. She's no longer consistent in her views, her facelift has been retconned away, and she's generally been watered down into another Patterson cheerleader.

Anyway. Okay, that sounds like a good attitude. Not "My ass hangs down to my knees and it's a GOOD thing!" but "Yes, I have lines, but that means I've lived." That's healthy. Still, there's another shoe yet to drop.

Panel 2: I don't know, Connie. I haven't forgotten that it took you until after midnight to regret letting your husband throw your son (who was not his) out of the house for outing himself. Yes, I know the bio/retcon says she regretted it immediately and ran after him. But what we saw in the strip was a direct cut from Lawrence standing on the porch shouting "I live HERE!"* to Connie calling Elly in the wee hours and gasping "I can't stand it any more!" We didn't see her looking for him, and we didn't see her chastising Greg -- ever. So I wouldn't call her a bad mom necessarily, but I'd hold off on "great."

Panel 3: Oh, wrong thing to say to Elly. Never tell her that she worked hard, or is working hard. That's another thing that bugs about Elly in the early years and the current era. In the middle years, she was able to take pride in a job well done, no matter how taxing. But early and late, she only resents having to do the job at all.

Panel 4: Connie's a grandparent now? I haven't heard anything about Lawrence and Nicholas adopting. Although it would be just like Lynn to tell us, perhaps even on the first of next month in Lawrence's new bio, that they adopted ages ago and it just didn't happen to get mentioned in the strip. Beyond that, is Elly supposed to be solely a grandparent? Not still the parent of a teenager? I know; it's a fine distinction. Still, yet another reason why the Creature is a good idea that's had its day.

Panel 5: Whoa. WHOA. A Patterson (other than Jim, who is old and a vet and therefore allowed) cursed in cold blood? And who does she mean? Mike and Liz? April? Robin and Merrie? If she means Mike, I think she can forget it. Liz, maybe, but I can say that about her: she does acknowledge her debt to family. If it's April, she has little to appreciate, and Merrie and Robin are too young to know the difference yet. And how are they supposed to show this appreciation? Does she mean it's a one-to-one exchange: her kids/grandkids are supposed to tell her how beautiful she is, or apologize for ruining her looks? Lynn did blather something in an interview once about motherhood being a thankless job, but I can't remember the exact quote. Anyway, this is odd coming from Elly. It really does sound like Jim, in fact.

Also, Connie appears to be laughing, but not with visible sticky-outy tongue. Can it be that Lynn/the Lynnions have toned down on that?

*I should have remembered that long ago. If that statement didn't carry any weight when Lawrence said it in those circumstances, no way would it influence anyone when April said it about the Housening.