January 13th, 2008

Monday, January 14

Panel 1: Well, that's a good attitude. But it seems to me that the wrinkles started ramping up about the time that you started scowling more than you smiled. So that is, indeed, you.

Panel 2: I don't know if this is a healthy attitude. When I want to feel good about myself, I think about my tiny waist, not my floppy thighs. Reveling in "droopy buns" is like April telling herself she's "not too dumb and not too ugly." Only a Patterson could give herself a backhanded compliment.

Panel 3: Whatever. You know, when I first saw the strip, I thought it was Merrie dancing around. Though I will give Elly props for wearing shorts. That was my mom's breakthrough when she started dieting.

Panel 4: Who the hell says "Hoop-yah!"?

Panel 5: Well, that explains why I was not totally believing this. And it looks as if this is Lynn working out her self-esteem issues again. The thing is, Elly wouldn't look that bad if she'd stand up straight, wear more flattering clothes, and keep that bun smooth (or just wear her hair down). Elly just hates herself, always has and always will.

And the colorist made it look as if Elly has her hand stuck in her back pocket.