January 12th, 2008

Sunday, January 13

Sorry, guys! My cable went out and I just now got it back. Thanks to megan_koumori for carrying on in my absence!

Panel 1: Great. Elly going to war with something inanimate. Mike being "smart and inquisitive," which is retcon for "pain in the ass."

Panel 2: Ah, jeez. I don't recall seeing this strip before, but I'm sure I know how it's going to go.

Panel 3: Elly, you could have just answered him the first time. Not saying a big speech, but just ACKNOWLEDGING him. Even if it's to say "Yes, but I'm busy now." Ignoring your child is NOT going to make him go away. Anyway, how does he know he's getting on your nerves? He's a kid; he won't know unless you TELL him this is not a good time.

Panel 4: This is actually kind of funny. Or it would be if Elly was not going psycho. And I'd forgotten that Elly was like this even before the menopause. Remember when she was struggling with the computer, April, Duncan and not-yet-evil-Becky were trying to get her attention, and when Elly gave them the option of either going away or watching her lose her shit, they chose to stay?

Panel 5: Oh, fuck off, bitch! Jesus! Even Mike doesn't deserve that!

Panel 6: Yeah, I don't blame him.

Panel 7: Uh...yeah. But let's remember that back then, this was probably supposed to be seen as less-than-stellar parenting.

And now, the C&H strip that immediately came to mind.

"Do you love me, Dad?"

"Of course I do, Calvin!"

"Would you still love me if I did something bad?"

"Well, of course...I...would..."

"I mean something really, really--"

"Calvin, what did you DO?!"