January 7th, 2008

Tuesday, January 8

Panel 1: Oh, good lord. I'm not sure I remember this one, but there were plenty of John-is-an-insensitive-jackass strips. In fact, if Lynn strung them all together, from the total run of the strip, they'd probably last three months. Anyway, rotund?! She's NOT overweight here!

Panel 2: Yeah, I was just gonna say. Elly at least had the excuse of two pregnancies. I don't think John was ever in shape. And you'd think a farm boy would have been, at least early on.

Panel 3: Um, no, it does not. And guys in my generation know that. I know the idea of men talking about their bodies the way women do ("I have my mother's thighs!") is supposed to be ridiculous, but I have heard guys making comments like, "My dad never worked out again after he stopped playing college ball, and look at him," and "My grandpa had a gut like a bowling ball; they didn't know from carbs back then." Extra weight only looks good if it's in the form of muscle. There's nothing appealing about a stomach that laps over the belt.

Panel 4: Well, society's always been messed up in one way or another when it comes to appearance. But there was a time when skinny women were seen as unappealing, and being "plump," as they called it, was the look. Anyway, Elly seems to be accepting what she's saying, and that's what I really don't dig. Shame she didn't have the spine or the knowledge to tell John that if those "love handles" migrate, his heart will rebel.