January 4th, 2008

Saturday, January 5

Panel 1: Yep, a flashback. Crud; I thought Lynn had given up on those, except for Sundays. Anyway, see? Elly used to look good! Even though she didn't realize it, never did and never would.

Panel 2: Guaranteed? Really? Even if you smoke, tan obsessively or are already smothering your skin in cosmetics? And what is Lizzie holding on to? She looks like she's pinned to Elly's coat.

Panel 3: Was she supposed to be over 30 when this appeared?

Panel 4: And that's another thing I don't get: shame over buying these products. Who would buy this stuff for someone else, anyway? I wonder what Elly does when she has to buy feminine products -- wears a wig and sunglasses?