January 2nd, 2008

Poll! Make your predictions!

dantheman posted this in today's comments, so I'm promoting it here.

Q: What do you think will happen to Jim in 2008?

a) Die suddenly
b) Die eventually (i.e., get progressively worse and then croak)
c) Stay at the same level of healthiness
d) Get better

Q: Will April and Gerald be together on NYE 2008?

a) No
b) Yes

Q: Will April and Gerald go roadside some time in 2008?

a) No
b) Yes
c) Maybe, but we won't hear about it until 2009

Q: Will Liz marry Anthony in 2008?

a) No
b) Yes
c) They'll elope in 2008 and marry in 2009

Q: Will the strip continue as a hybrid, or will it return to its old age-the-characters format?

a) Hybrid
b) Aging
c) Neither; the strip will cease completely in 2008

Thursday, January 3

Panel 1: Oh for crying out loud. This strip is schizophrenic. That pajamas line sounds suggestive. In fact, I've never seen Elly wearing pajamas; she always wears those granny gowns. Is she talking in code? "In my pajamas" really means "I'm cutting the heads off John's little train people"?

Panel 2: WTF? Connie has never dropped a French phrase before that I can recall, and my recollections are usually pretty accurate. Did a Lynnion read the new bio of Connie and think, "Whoa, she's French-Canadian? I should show that more!" when in fact, it's never been a significant feature of Connie's character. Anyway, who makes a mission out of saying "Happy New Year"?

Panel 3: Yeah, yeah, Lynn. Fifty-five means one foot in the grave. Except Jim is about a third more than that, and he still hangs on. And there's Elly in pajamas, which I swear I have never seen. It's funny, though: even though she's not especially attractive in that panel, she looks better than she normally does. She's standing firm instead of slouching, her hair is down, which is always an improvement, and basically, she looks younger and healthier. While she implicitly gripes about being old, of course.

Panel 4: Not really, El. Your nose is huge as usual, but apart from that, you look like a woman, not the Church Lady. Sad that your voluntary grooming habits make you look worse than when nature just takes its course.

Panel 5: Again, that looks a bit like the old Elly, and it's not that bad. Connie, on the other hand, has been seriously hagged. She used to be hot, back when she was SuperSingleMom. And back in the '90s, she got plastic surgery. Is this a matter of the Lynnions not knowing that, or has Lynn retconned it? Or, does plastic surgery sometimes make things worse in the long run? You know, Michael Jackson's lip collapsed last week.