January 1st, 2008

Wednesday, January 2

I don't know what's going on with Yahoo. Think maybe they've dropped Foob entirely? http://www.hellometro.com/FunAndGames/ForBetterOrForWorse.cfm?Archives=0

When this strip came up, for a second I thought Apes and Ger had gone roadside. Wonder if we were meant to think that? Like in "Sixteen Candles". After a long night of partying, we get Samantha lying on her pillow looking wistful, and Jake lying on his pillow looking thoughtful. I think it was supposed to mean that each of them was the other's first thought upon waking, but some people misinterpreted it.

Panel 1: Again with the formality between people who are intimate! And these talk balloons are coming from the second floor. IOW, April's room still. Yeah, I know it doesn't matter now, but I still think Mike an' Dee should haved thanked her, either in the strip or as mentioned in the retcons, for the use of her room for so long. IME, there is no such thing as too many thank-yous.

Panel 2: Notice how much space they leave between them. Embracing long-distance. Although to be fair, that may be comic-strip standards and practices. Anyway, Dee is such a sycophant. Mike's prediction could pass without comment, or with a noncommital acknowledgement, but she just has to prompt him so he can spew his glurge.

Panel 3: After reading roserain's take on Mike earlier today, I feel icky reading Mike's first two sentences. And "Yeah!"? Deanna's kind of an overgrown teenager, too.

Panel 4: Oh, gah-ross! Mike looks like Corey Haim! Anyway, what new life? After the fire? Now that they have the house? Now that Mike is the Great Canadian Author? What difference does it make, anyway, when we keep tag-teaming characters like this? And Dee and Mike are the couple most in stasis, I think, so why do we need to be told that they're deliriously happy?