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The Top Ten Characters Lynn Doesn't Realize Are Underdogs - Number 8

The next person I think of when I think of the hidden downtrodden is Moira Kinney. This is because we are first introduced to her as an established employee of Lilliput's when Elly gets her miracle job from nowhere:

and as someone more clued into her surroundings than the nitwit with the dentist husband:

because she understands the business world better than a sheltered pea-brain who doesn't actually need to work in the first place:

This means that when Lily sells the place to Elly, she spends her time holding the idiot's hand:

watching her coddle someone who's more or less a gun moll:

and end up becoming a baby-sitter because Mrs Essence doesn't trust her child farther than she can through the USS Nimitz:

What's more, she is there to bear witness to the woman's incapacity to actually run anything:

owing to Elly's being too stupid to live:

The end result of her having to run interference for the numbskull main character:

is the same lousy bargain Gordon made when he accepted help from Pattersons:

Said lousy bargain is random interference from an incompetent so as to shill for her hack son and thereby promote his literary mantelpiece.

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