Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, January 18

Panel 1: Yeah, she's discharged her duties, and she'll never cast a shadow in Mtig again.

Panel 2: I can't tell if Gary thinks Liz should confront Paul, or if that's just the way his face is. These people flip-flop faster than Olympic gymnasts.

Panel 3: Why do they keep saying "Coming!" like they're rubbing it in?

Panel 4: Now that's interesting: Susan clinging to Paul's arm and looking scared. Did she know that Liz still thought she and Paul were together? And Paul's got his guard up too. Jeez, they're smearing his character so bad!

Panel 5: That's the exact same angle as in her "it just happened" panel! And the way her lips are drawn makes her look like she has a mustache. Oh please, not that...

Panel 6: I guess that's as close to "FOAD" as a Patterson will ever get. But who is she directing it at? Them, or the Mtigians who thought it was none of their business? And can they even hear her, at that distance?
Tags: chudsers, white goose returns

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