December 31st, 2007

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! I am so dreading this strip.

Okay, here's the Metro link without color. Let's get it over with.

Panel 1: Oh, you have GOT to be kidding. Gerald is doing the ass grab/hoist with April?! Is that woman next to Luis his date? Is she drinking out of a bottle?! Have April and her pals been age-accelerated too? When's the last time we heard anyone say she was 16? Perhaps she is going to leave for uni soon.

Panel 2: Yes, I think her timeline has skipped a year. And OMG, is this Lizthony 2.0. Did they not have effectively, if not word for word, the same exchange when they were 18 or 19? And what happened in that missing year to make them so serious again?

Panel 3: Holy perspective, Batman! Elastic Man is pulling April behind him with such force that her shoes fell off! And here we go again with the Continental. We all expected Lynn to repeat a gag, but not with the same character who did it the first time.

Panel 4: Whatever. For crying out loud, this is another Tell Don't Show. We have not, NOT seen Gerald ever display ANY particular sensitivity. We haven't seen proof that he cares for April very much beyond smooching with her. Now we're supposed to believe that the prospect of saying goodbye, whether six months or 18 months from now, causes him such anguish he can't think about it? And he looks like he's trying to eat her hair.

In fact, earlier today someone linked Endless Love, and I was reminded that that poster always creeped me out. I mean, they look like they're dead. Or washed up after a shipwreck trying to give each other mouth-to-mouth. That's about how the Continental looks here, and I take him about as seriously. Perhaps less, because at least the guy in EL didn't snub the girl's retarded friend or scoff at her for being upset about her grandfather's stroke.