December 30th, 2007

Monday, December 31

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: Oh frabjous day! April gets to go out on New Year's! Wonder why Deanna doesn't need her to babysit? And no, that's not the dress Liz gave her, that John said she wouldn't leave the house in. That one had shoulder straps. Unless April modified it to this. Anyway, I have a feeling someone's going to go roadside. I just wish it wasn't with Gerald.

Panel 2: Well, I suppose that's easier to say when you're all glammed up, headed out for a NYE party. Still, John's comment rings false when I remember that he had the same reaction to April when she was 10. She dressed up for a school concert, and he gasped, "I've just seen my 'baby' turn into a 'babe'!" Someone said Lynn was playing out "11 is the new 17" in that era, and it really did seem so. Then she ratcheted April back a few notches, and her 16th-birthday transformation was supposed to be totally unprecedented.

Panel 3: Can you imagine if Summer said this to Les? And yes, April, you should move far, FAR away.

Panel 4: Heh, she finally got to you, didn't she?

Panel 5: Blaugh.