December 28th, 2007

Saturday, December 29

Panel 1: Oh, that's disgusting. That is absolutely fucking shameful. None of the Pattersons can even be arsed to drive the Richardses to and from the dinner. Can't have them stay overnight, either. They have to get back in the oldster roadster, probably hours earlier than anyone else, and that guy has to spend his Christmas driving them around. SHAME ON YOU, PATTERSONS. SHAME ON YOU. You can't let them have that extra half hour in the car with you for company.

I should try posting this on Yahoo, just to see how they spin it. "Well, Jim gets tired easily, and the others probably didn't want to leave and come back in the middle of the party." "Yes, I think Jim is doing well for himself just to be able to attend the party. I don't think Elly is being mean or any of the things you say." "Yeah, just because we see something happen, that doesn't tell the whole story."

Panel 2: Yeah, in theory. Are they still in the bus? Or is that a vestibule? Yes, it's great to be with family. Depending on which family.

Panel 3: Telling, not showing again! Lynn, just retire the strip and continue the story in letters.

Panel 4: A first? A first what? This is only the second Christmas since his stroke, and he was uninvited to the Pattermanse that time. So it's not a first in that sense. Jim was not known for leaving parties early in his younger years; in fact, he stuck around until the last dog died. (Uh, pardon the expression.) And it's not his first Christmas as a great-grandfather. So it looks like another awkward pun setup.

Panel 5: ...

...A WRETCHED pun setup. Lynn, what are you DOING? Just keeping him alive so you can twist the knife? What horrible, undignified death do you have planned for your father's avatar? And why did you drop two Lizthony strips in the middle of this, and leave us with that cryptic "Let's go home"?