December 26th, 2007

Thursday, December 27

Panel 1: So Liz is going back to the Spinster Basement. Her Christmas gift to Granthony is not what I thought it would be. And what an odd transition. "Do you have your keys?" "I'm glad you like my family." And he's always liked her family...and now he wants to be part of it. Because his family no longer exists.

BTW, I think those glum expressions in yesterday's last panel were actually meant to be extra-voluptuous lips, not frowns.

Panel 2: How do they know?! They were in separate rooms! And what does Liz mean, a blessing? Is that a snark on the Patterspawn? Anyway, Granthony's making with the puppy-dog eyes again.

Panel 3: OH GOD I HATE THAT LOOK. That smug, Virgin Mary look she gets whenever someone tells her how awesome she is. How does she bless his life, anyway? I mean, for real, not just in his lustful thought bubbles. She hugged his kid after his ex-wife left (no doubt intimidated by her presence) and she may have put out once since Shawna-Marie's wedding. Big whoop.

Panel 3: Just stop with the lips already! He looks like he's spoiling for a fight. Like "life" is outside the windshield and he's ready to take it on singlehandedly. And what intense relationships has he had? Liz, yeah; adventures, too. But neither of them has really changed since they were kids. And I can't see life taking them anywhere except to a second-rate Pattermanse (which will never measure up to the one that is now Mike's). The way he talks, you'd think he was about to ship out to Iraq.

Panel 4: Zuh? Is this him asking and her accepting? His house will be her home from now on. Well, whatever.