December 25th, 2007

Wednesday, December 26

Panel 1: See, it's like we were talking about. Lovely dinner, thanks. That could be any two people talking; it's totally inconsequential. It's like back in the '50s, when movies would have thirty-second shots of someone driving away.

Panel 2: Oh, like he'd know. Yeah, she has had a long day, sitting in the kitchen with three people she doesn't know and wondering if the grown-ups have eaten your finger. Eat a dick, Granthony.

Oh, and "we'll" be taking her home? Hmmm. Is that Liz's Christmas present to Granthony: admittance to the Golden Vagina? Is she living there now? Or are they just going to sit on the couch reading Stone Season. Meanwhile, I'm picturing Deanna as a cult member love-bombing Granthony into the Patterson collective.

Panel 3: Ohhhhhhhhhh, here it comes.

Panel 4: Well, you know what? Bring it on! I'm saying this on my third Jack Daniels, mind.