December 24th, 2007

Tuesday, December 25

Merry Freaking Christmas, everybody!

Panel 1: So Mira wants to say the grace. Wonder why Lynn is having her do that?

Panel 2: Oh, that's why. So we can have it illustrated how much everyone hates Mira. You know, I recall a strip from when Liz and Mike were teenagers and April was a toddler. That was Jim's grace that went on and on, but the only comment was John whispering, "I see your father still believes in a long grace." Because everyone had been staring forlornly down the table, except April who was dozing off.

Let's see: Deanna, John and Mike have personal disses of Mira. Elly is, I assume, sarcastic, Iris and Liz are hungry, and I don't know what Jim is on about. We don't hear from Wilf, and Granthony looks like he's either dying or taking a dump. He is right out of Central Casting as The Guy She Can't Do Better Than.

Anyway, I wonder why it's not the Delicate Genius saying grace. He got all kinds of praise once for saying grace, and he was hardly succinct.

Also, question: In my family, we say grace before we fill our plates, on the theory that you should say thanks before you start grabbing rolls and potatoes. Others think you should give thanks for the food that's right there on your plate. Which kind are you? If you say grace at all.