December 22nd, 2007

Sunday, December 23

Panel 1: The letters are red, green and white! That's kind of cute. But why are the Patterspawn staring at the base of the tree? Do they think that's where Santa makes his entrance? The doll seems to be exasperated with them. And come to think of it, the tree skirt looks like it belongs in JSTF's model train village.

Panel 2: Robin makes a connection for once! Good thing there's no fire, though.

Panel 3: Hey, it's Peter Pan! No, wait; it's Deanna. "Anover." How cute. I should make a new tag for tot malaprops. (After the holidays, though! ETA: See, I know I'm a grownup, because I'm now at the point of wanting to get Christmas over with already.)

Panel 4: Oh, deal with it, guys. Robin looks exactly like Mike, but as he is NOW. Which is kind of scary.

Panel 5: Oh for crying out loud. For once, the gobsmacked look is appropriate. What are they trying to DO, anyway?

Panel 6: Zuh? Is Mike going to "do something" with his kids? Is he agreeing to do something Deanna asks of him? Are we sure he HEARD her?

Panel 7: The hair is still that short! Is Deanna going to keep going shorter until she has a suede head? Right now, she looks like a cabbage.

Panel 8: Ha ha. Well, Deanna might could have been more clear about what she wanted.